100% upcycled purse made from old plastic bags

Hello Folks ! Hello September ! #ciaojuly #ciaoaugust #timeflies #2020loading
Summer is almost no more here, the sun is shining, we eat salad and fruits throughout the day, we are enjoying the last days of this season, what else could we ask for ? Wait... Why am I actually writing in english this time ?
This year is literally flying away, doesn’t it? As I was planning to present you my latest DIY project which is also my contribution to #plasticfreejuly, I thought it would be funny to do my first blog post in the language of the hashtag which means in english for those who haven’t noticed yet hahaha. So no french today (sorry about that, french speaking guys) but instead a bunch of eco-friendly positive vibes coming ahead.
I found the inspiration for this article by crossing over my crafting skills and my love for sustainable living/fashion to make this unique purse made of ...plastic bags. Yes, you read well: it was made with plastic and... that’s it. No wood, no bling b…

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